How to use Ponytail Hair Extensions

What is a PonyTail hair extensions 

Hair Extensions Co Clip-in Ponytails are especially developed to add thickness and length to a regular ponytail instantly. If you’ve been dreaming of a thick bouncy, voluminous ponytail that can be styled low, high, or even braided and bunned, we have the right ponytail for you!

Each Hair Extensions Co. Ponytail is:

  • 100% Virgin hair 
  • 140 grams in weight
  • Test-proof (comes with 1 tester weft to colour match your hair correctly) 

Why you need a Ponytail Extension 

  1. We’ve made our Ponytails quick and easy to put in. With in minutes you’ll have a gorgeous, thick Pony

We know just how busy life can get, and washing your hair just isn’t on the top of your list. Transform greasy for oily hair into a fashionable Ponytail with Hair Extensions Co. Ponytail extensions. So, now you're ready for that last minute wine with the girls or hot date with your crush. 

  1. Gives you a fuller, bouncier and longer ponytail for any occasion 

Are you finding your Ponytail isn’t giving you full Kim Kardashian level bombshell Glam, due to thinning or shorter hair Ponytail extensions are the solution to a glamourise Ponytail instantly 

  1. So Many hairstyle choices 

We all know the famous high pony which we’ve all seen on our favourite celebs, but there are  just so many styles. Have you ever tried a braided pony or even a slicked back low pony for impact with a simple look. Even voluminous buns are possible. 

How to do a Ponytail with extensions 

Here are a few tips on how to put in your Ponytail 


Pull your hair into a Ponytail 

Brush your hair to where you’d like your Ponytail to sit. We suggest placing it slightly higher than you intend it to sit, then secure with a hair tie.

Brush and style your Ponytail extension 

We suggest brushing your ponytail extension gently before hand, we also recommend styling your pony before placing it into your hair to avoid slipping it out of place. 

Secure your Ponytail Extension  

Slide the comb clip at the top of the ponytail underneath your hair tie at the top of your ponytail. Then wrap the weldor base around your own ponytail until it's highly overlapped and secured in place. 

Cover the base of the ponytail

Wrap the strand of hair around the top bass of the ponytail to conceal the band, Use bobby pins to secure in place.

Ready. Set. Go! 

Make sure your ponytail is all secure, do a quick head spin to make sure it doesn’t move and you’re all set to go.