How Much Should Hair Extensions Cost?

We’re all familiar with the term “hair extensions”, but some of us aren’t exactly sure what they are nor have ever had them applied. In a nutshell, hair extensions are simply a way to achieve longer, fuller and more voluptuous looking hair. But there is a lot more to hair extensions than the simple application of synthetic or human hair strands, extensions can be found in all sorts of shapes, colors and designs. Hair stylists will even use hair extenstions as a way to enhance their own haircutting and styling techniques. One thing that is important to understand is how much do hair extenstions cost?

When it comes to hair extensions you may be looking a variety of factors including the cost, application types, and colors. The cost of hair extensions depends on three major factors -- the type of hair you choose, total amount of hair needed for your desired look and length of your new locks. Here's a breakdown about how much a hair extension should cost and what to keep in mind when shopping for them.

All too often, new customers don’t realize that hair extension costs can range from $100-$1,000 or more AND be completely customized to suit your needs. Hair extensions should be a long-term investment just like any other beauty product. A good rule of thumb is to think about how often you will wear them and plan accordingly. Hair extensions are vital for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to stay on trend and add length and volume to their hair. But like most luxuries, the base price will vary. Hair extensions can be purchased online or at almost any hair and beauty store or salon. Like most other must-haves in your hair and beauty arsenal, the cost of hair extensions comes down to quality, lifespan and versatility. The more expensive the hair extension, the more versatile they will be in helping you achieve fuller, thicker-looking hair that’s on trend. Premium, top quality hair extensions can be up to 5 times higher in price than those that are of mediocre quality. However, the price gap may be worth it for you if the extensions are far more versatile for styling and can last for a long time with regular care.

That’s why when you’re pricing out hair extensions for your own personal use, I recommend using a reputable provider that can set realistic expectations quality, cost and proper wear. So shop around, do your homework and never settle for an excessive price tag on your hair extensions!