Blending Hair Extensions With Short Hair Seamlessly

All hair troubles have one thing in common: they’re tough to fix after the fact. Which is why if you find yourself suffering from hair regret mid-cut, no matter the length or style, we’re here to tell you: go for it! No shame in changing your mind — and if you're feeling a little short in the inspiration department, take a page out of celebs' book and head on over to Classic Collection Hair Extensions 


1. Use thick Extensions!!!

Let me start by saying - and I cant stress this enough - you need to use a thick set of extensions. Especially if your own locks are fine, limp, or thin. Why? Because for all intents and purposes, the thicker your hair then the less time it will take you to add volume using extensions. A fine set of extensions on top of fine hair will still end up looking fine in the end. However, if you have thick hair to start with, then they can be used to add more body, fullness and overall volume.

2. Pin that hair AWAY 

So you’ve just purchased your Classic Collection Clip-in Hair Extensions, and have no idea where to begin? Before you get started on creating your perfect look, there are a few things to do, and pinning the bottom section away is one of them.


Add grip to your hair by teasing the roots. Tom Ford has been quoted as saying that this is a great way to style short hair. Teasing the roots will give your hairstyle more grip and better hold. Here's how to master the tease, according to one of America's most-renowned stylists.

4. Clip them HIGH 

Now that you have learned a bit about the different types of hair extensions, it is time to start clipping them in. Keep in mind, when you are clipping in your hair extensions for short hair, your goal is to cover as much of your natural short hair as possible. This means that you will find that your extensions will sit a lot higher on your head, which is totally fine. Continue clipping in the rest of your hair extensions until you’ve reached the top of your head.

5. Get styling 

A time saving tip that we can all utilize is to curl your hair extensions before hand. This way, the most difficult part is already done for you and you're a step closer to getting out the door. You can either do this yourself with a curling iron or if you're going for a more finished look, ask your stylist to do it for you.