10 Must Know Hair Extensions Hacks

1. Braid the Bottom Layer of Your Hair to Hide Shorter Hairs

When you go to put in your hair extensions you want them to blend perfectly with your natural hair. Unless you are already blessed with long hair and are using your hair extensions for volume, your shorter hairs can peek through the ends, making it look more obvious that you have hair extensions in. In order to combat this, gather the bottom layer of your hair at the nape of your neck and braid it. Then, wrap the braid around itself flat against your head, and pin in place with bobby pins.

Place your bottom-most weft directly above where you’ve pinned your hair, and continue clipping your hair extensions in from there. Once you have all the wefts in place you can let down your hair and the results will look a lot more natural and polished without any pesky shorter hairs showing! 


2. Use a Hair Extension Hanger or Clip for Easier Styling

Styling your extensions beforehand is much easier than once they’re clipped in, as wefts can get pulled out of place. Enter the hair extension carrier, which comes with a bamboo hanger specifically designed to hold your wefts securely in place as you curl or straighten them. You can see the extensions perfectly this way and you'll be able to style them using both hands. Then, when you are finished, you can clip the hair extensions into your already styled hair for a perfect blend. 


3. Clip Your Hair Extensions in Diagonally to Achieve a Layered Look

Do you have layered hair? If so, you are going to love this hack. Clipping your wefts in a diagonal line is a simple trick if you are looking to fake the look of layers. This method gives your hair a natural high to low effect that blends perfectly with layered hair. Since Hair Extensions Co extensions are 20 inches long or more, this is the perfect way to achieve a layered look without having to have them professionally cut.


4. Backcomb Your Roots to Prevent Wefts from Slipping

If you have thin hair or just find that your hair extensions need a little extra help staying in place, this tip is for you. Separate a section of hair where you will be clipping your weft in. Then, using a teasing brush, backcomb your roots and apply a little bit of dry shampoo. This will give the roots more texture and hold, allowing the clips to fasten securely without slipping. 


5. Stack Your Extensions if You Have a Smaller Head

If you struggle with finding room to place all of your hair extensions on your head, try stacking them to save on space. Stack two wefts together to create a mega weft, then place it into your hair together for a voluminous look. Avoid stacking any more than two wefts a time as the wefts may get too heavy or uncomfortable. Not only will this little trick make it easier to find room on your head for all of your hair extensions, but it will speed up the application process as well. If you have layered hair, or hair that thins out at the bottom, stacking wefts in this way is also a great hack to add thickness to the bottom section of your hair.


6. Store Your Extensions Properly to Prolong the Lifespan

Whether you want to ensure your hair extensions last as long as possible or are sick of them getting tangled in between wears, a hair extension carrier is a must-have. It will keep your extensions tangle free and prevent any damage from occurring. A carrier rolls up and fits right into your purse when you’re on the go! Hair extensions of the highest quality deserve the highest quality of care, so treat your investment with love and they will last much longer. 


7. Pre-Curl Your Hair Extensions the Day Before if you Have an Event

Curling your hair extensions the day before you want to wear them is a great hack if you’re looking for perfectly styled hair in a flash. Just roll up the curls and pin them in place with a bobby pin when you have finished styling, and simply unravel your extensions when you are ready to wear them. This is a perfect hack if you have a big event coming up and don’t have a ton of time to spend getting ready for it, as you can do all the prep work the day before. Rolling up each curl and pinning it is also an excellent way to ensure the curls will last longer. Whether you have a wedding to go to, a graduation ceremony, or even have a big date planned, this hack will definitely come in handy no matter the occasion. 


8. Clip yYour Hair Extensions in Upside Down if you are Wearing a Ponytail

Hair extensions are great for creating voluminous up-dos and ponytails, but we recommend clipping them in upside down to avoid bumps where the wefts are clipped in. Instead, clip the wefts in upside down to ensure they lay flat when you pull your hair up into a ponytail and remain undetectable. This hack will also allow you to create sleek, sophisticated up-dos. 


9. Hide Your Hair Elastic Using a 1-Clip Weft

When it comes to creating a voluminous ponytail, hair extensions are a must! But did you know you can also use a single weft to hide your hair elastic for a more polished look? Simply wrap a 1-clip weft around your hair elastic to hide it. This hack is so simple yet will completely elevate the look of your ponytail. This polished ponytail is ready for the office, girls night, or running errands.


10. Use the Right Hairbrush when Brushing your Hair

Brushing your hair with hair extensions clipped in can be tricky. Traditional hairbrushes can pull at roots and cause the wefts to move around. This is not only uncomfortable but undos all of the hard work it took for you to clip them in. Instead, try brushing your hair with hair extensions clipped in using a unique nylon loop bristle brush that won’t cause any snagging, pulling, or damage to your wefts and is designed to glide through your hair to remove any tangles without moving the wefts around.  

Hair extensions are a must-have in your beauty arsenal no matter what your hair type. Try these easy hair extensions hacks the next time you wear your hair extensions to make styling your hair a breeze!